Friday, February 06, 2009

Suspect Peanuts Sent to Schools

Schools in California, Minnesota and Idaho received the suspected peanut products between January and November 2007

By Lyndsey Layton

Peanut Corporation of America sold 32 truckloads of roasted peanuts and peanut butter to the federal government for a free-lunch program for poor children even as the company's internal tests showed that its products were contaminated with salmonella bacteria. [Wash Post]

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David said...

I find it really interesting that no one is talking about this in relation to how China is dealing with their problems on food contamination. People criticize China all the time but 2 years ago in banking (Yes corrupt banking) a Bank of China exec was sentenced to death for taking only a few hundred thousand U.S. dollars. Now they are going to execute some of the milk scandal players. In the U.S. the bankers got bonuses off the money their government friends handed them. I wonder what will happen to the peanut criminals. It seems more people died from peanuts than milk so lets see how tough our government is on food criminals. Maybe instead of criticising China all the time our government officials could learn a thing or two how China deals with its white-collar criminals.D.S.-Hong Kong