Monday, February 23, 2009

Student Recognition

Tonight I had the privilege of attending one of the many student recognitions taking place around the county. I went to Mcdonough where not only McDonough students were being recognized, but also Stoddert, James Craik, Eva Turner, and Brown. As always, Ms. Petty and staff were well prepared, the McDonough Wind Ensemble was phenomenal, but...the attendance by parents and students was once again lacking. I am very disappointed when looking out into the audience and see principals attending these recognition events, taking time away from their families, and have NONE of the students or parents show up. What is the answer? Should we not give out recognitions? Very sad right now.


andrea sanford said...

I know how you feel. I have attended ceremonies for my kids and those of friends and family and its always so sad that so few turn out to celebrate their kids success. I thank you for taking time away from your family to celebrate these achievements and thank all of the teachers, principals and staff for taking their own time to prepare these award ceremonies and special events. The parents and children that do attend -- appreciate your time and commitment. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Let's get real about what qualifies as success and what qualifies as success worthy of public recognition. I attended one of these ceremonies and I swear I was waiting for the longest eyelashes and cleanest fingernails category. Never again! They are boring, time consuming, and poorly organized. Parents should ALWAYS celebrate their child's success and accomplishments. But the schools don't need to stop the clock, halt the press, interrupt family time to pass out certificates to every Tom Dick and Harry. After a while the certificates are meaningless because almost everyone has one.

Anonymous said...

... or 20.

Joey said...

For me at least, that night I also had a rehearsal, AP homework, and multiple projects to do.

While I appreciate the time taken by our Principal, there simply aren't enough hours in the day.

Jennifer Abell said...

thank you for the input...a few questions a mother of two children that have graduated CCPS with very strenuous schedules, is the recognition warranted? needed? wanted? In your opinion, is there an alternative method that would suffice?

Joey said...

Ms. Abell - - -

The recognition is indeed warranted. I was being honored for being an All County Thespian, and on top of an already strenous schedule, the event was yet another thing on my plate. Being acknowledged for such is wonderful.

I'm unsure as to if it's actually needed. While I believe strongly in positive recognition, putting the event on my calendar fell below my rehearsals, homework and projects.

I wonder if there is a better way, such as the board honoring the students during recognition or something. Seeing that few came, it might be nice to see that. Even if it were so much as a roll call of sorts that might be interesting.