Sunday, February 01, 2009

Group Aims To Reform School Bullies

Local Effort Will Dovetail With Statewide Policy

By Jenna Johnson
Washington Post Staff Writer

In response to a statewide crackdown mandated by last year's General Assembly, the Maryland State Board of Education plans to release a model policy next month about how schools should confront and counsel bullies.

But the Tri-County Youth Services Bureau in Southern Maryland is getting a head start on the initiative by launching anti-bullying programs in communities and schools. The organization's Community Conferencing Project facilitates meetings between bullies and their victims to discuss incidences of bullying and how the people involved are affected. [Wash. Post]


LegalBeaglette said...

Could someone please explain the substantive difference between hazing and bullying? Is there a legal difference? Are the two issues (if they are not the same) handled differently by the schools with regard to discipline?

I ask because the Washington Post article on the Thomas Stone wrestling incident quotes Katie O'Malley-Simpson as saying, "Hazing falls under what we consider harassment, bullying . . . or anything that humiliates, teases, injures or potentially injures another student."

In that case, students have been suspended indefinitely and removed from the team.

According to this article, the state defines bullying as “any intentional verbal, physical or written conduct that creates a hostile environment."

And then Harriet Nettles (leader of the Tri-County Youth Services Bureau) states, "Instead of punitive actions, we believe in restorative justice."

That seems contradictory; at the least, inconsistent.

Anyone care to enlighten me?

im1ru2 said...

Legal- I just read an article I received in an ezine from Highlights Parents, on "bullying".

It featured 3 "experts" answering questions posed to them on the topic of bullying and what bullying is. While no distinction is made between hazing and bullying and perhaps the definition interpreted by the reader of the Q&A could be that it (bullying) is really very subjective, you may find some help to your question there.

Go to:

and see if you find any help to your question.