Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Five T. Stone Wrestlers Charged With Hazing

By Katie Carrera

Five Thomas Stone varsity wrestlers have been charged by the Charles County Sheriff's Office with misdemeanor hazing for their involvement in an incident on the team bus last month. All five have been suspended from school indefinitely, and first-year coach Michael Larson has been removed from his position for at least the remainder of the season. [Wash Post]


LegalBeaglette said...

I have respect for Mr. Lohr, the father, who responded to this as any responsible parent should instead of pushing the, "But everybody does it!" defense.

mrwiegand said...

Is that all that they did was tape him to the seat? I saw much worse when I was in school (only about 3-4 years ago). I like to see that they are taking a harsh stand against the students doing the hazing, but removing the coach was pointless. After a match the coach shouldn't have to be roaming the aisle, babysitting the students.. its not his fault that this happened and I think he acted appropriately.