Thursday, January 31, 2008

School Chiefs Get Average of $351,730 After Perks

Total Compensation Far Exceeds Superintendents' Salaries
By Daniel de Vise
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 31, 2008; Page PG04

School superintendents in the Washington area will collect salaries ranging from $157,200 to $279,340 in the fiscal year that ends June 30. Factor in benefits and perks, however, and the average annual compensation package swells to $351,730.

Compensation for the school chiefs goes well beyond the salaries reported to the public, according to a review of contracts for 12 superintendents in the District and its suburbs. Contracts routinely allow superintendents to collect tens of thousands in deferred compensation and to cash in weeks of unused leave annually. Superintendents enjoy supplemental insurance policies and retirement plans on top of the benefits available to all public school administrators.

In Montgomery County, the $242,686 salary paid this year to School Superintendent Jerry D. Weast represents not quite half of a total compensation package valued at $489,763. John E. Deasy in Prince George's County will receive $424,080 in total compensation, with less than two-thirds coming from salary, according to figures provided by the school system.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and an intersting statistic.

With all the culture, diversity, and "experts" with our graduate degrees from the tom, dick and harry university, Maryland is 37 out or 50 on the SAT scale.
When will we start rattling the cages of these people at the top and ask "what are you actually getting paid to do"?

Or are the SAT's becoming passe and it's more important to know how many kids get free lunches in the schools?

Anonymous said...

You have to look beyond average scores. That number alone gives an incomplete picture. For example, you need to know what percentage of seniors take the SAT. For example, Mississippi had the highest SAT scores in the nation at one time however, only 2 percent of their seniors took the exam.