Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meat From 'Sick' Cows Could Have Been Sent to Schools

A nationwide animal abuse investigation and it all ends up in your child's school cafeteria.

The investigation showed a fork-lift being used to shove a “sick” cow into a slaughterhouse.

That video is now the focus of a USDA investigation into a meat company accused of supplying 'bad' meat to schools in 35 states— including Maryland.

Fox 5's Sherri Ly is following the school lunch scare.

Just a short time ago, the agriculture department released a letter saying it has indefinitely suspended the meat company involved from providing beef to its school lunch and federal food programs.

All this came after the Humane Society of the U.S. released disturbing video from a six week investigation.

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Jennifer said...

In response to your inquiry about the latest news on the recall of ground beef from the Topps Meat Company and the E. coli-tainted hamburger patties. The state does have meat from the distibutor, but we do not. In the past yeare Charles County Public Schools has only purchased pork from this particular processor.