Saturday, January 05, 2008

REMINDER: Board Meeting, 1/8/08

Just wanted to remind everyone there is a Board Meeting Tuesday, January 8th.
Can't can watch it live on Channel 96. It will also be re-broadcast on Wednesday at 9:00 am and Sunday at 2:00 pm.

3:30 - Executive Session
4:30 - Recognition
5:30 - Board Meeting begins
6:30 - Public Forum (Must sign-up prior to 6:30)

The remainder of the meeting immediately follows Public Forum

To view the full agenda and the various reports, please visit Board Docs.

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

Reports include:

  • Superintendent - Report
  • Board Members - (report not available yet)
  • EACC - Update
  • Student Board Member - (report not available yet)
  • Deputy Superintendent - Student Service PBIS; Bill in Congress
  • Instruction Report - Freshman Seminar (report not available yet)
  • Supporting Services Report - CIP Update
  • Finance Report - Budget Update (report not available yet)
  • Human Resources Report - (report not available yet)

Action Items:

New Business:

  • Board Meeting times
  • North Point stadium usage fees

1 comment:

im1ru2 said...

Can someone tell me what a duplex, quad and/or modular classroom is?

In the report from the staff on reloadable, they reported a total number of 226 reloadable, to include 2008 reloadable to be added. That number does reflect the numbers in the per school inventory as reported, however construction costs and other contract issues discussed mentioned duplexes, modular’s and quads.

For instance, “Design continues to move an existing quad classroom unit to North
Point High School for school year 2008-2009, and to purchase and
install a new duplex under a previously bid, unit price contract.” So, is this another reloadable which should be added to the total or something different (just calling reloadable by different names)? What will be the number then for the school year 2008/9? Right now the report indicates that N.P. HS has 0 reloadable, so is that going to change? Why are we going to reloadable (or something similar, I am assuming now because my original question remains, what is a quad?) so soon at North Point? The enrollment numbers for N.P. do indicate the school is currently over State capacity, however, I do not know what is meant by “local core capacity”. That number is 300 students higher than the State capacity number, but currently under the enrollment number which is showing 41 students over State capacity.

And also; “The construction contract for a six-classroom modular unit at William
A. Diggs Elementary School was awarded to Mobilease Modular
Space, Inc. The contractor was given notice to order an additional
two classrooms to the six-unit modular unit. The six units arrived and
were assembled at the school site. The entire eight-classroom
modular building is schedule for occupancy by February 8, 2008, for
use in the second semester subject to continued good weather”.

When there are “modular’s” with multiple classrooms do we count this as eight (as in the one mentioned above) or just one, for one modular and then just give the total number of students being taught in reloadable?

If anyone out there has some idea on the numbers and nomenclature I would appreciate some clarity, thanks.