Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance Subcommittee

As you may recall, a joint subcommittee with Board of Education members and County Commissioners as well as respective staff was formed in early 2007. The Board of Education is due to hear the committee's recommendations at it's work session on January 28th. Upon invitation from the Southern Maryland Realtors group, I along with two other board members attended their meeting yesterday morning. It was at this meeting I learned that the committee's recommendations had already been presented to the commissioners and placed on the county web-site. In addition, Jason Groth had developed a number of possible scenarios. The meeting was quite enlightening. The links to the documents are below. Let me know your thoughts.

APFO Subcommittee Recommendations
APFO Scenarios


Anonymous said...

Ummmm... you were at a meeting, as well as every school board member, where these recommendations were presented to the commissioners — I watched it on channel 95.

WHy did it take almost a year for the school board to collectively start discussing this? In the meantime, two allocation cycles have passed.


Jennifer said...

Ummmmmm....I think you are mistaken.
The last commissioner meeting I attended where this was discussed was January of 2007 and that was just a resolution stating something had to be done and a sub-cmommittee was later formed. I volunteered to serve on that sub-committee but was not chosen. For the past 8 months the sub-committee has been meeting. IF you watch the board of education meetings you will see I have been asking for updates from our sub-committee and we (the board) are finally going to hear this sub-committee's recommendations at the January work session. On Monday morning at the realtors meeting was the first time I had seen the recommendations.
The only other meeting that I can even remotely guess you are speaking of is the meeting with the commissioners and delegates but I don't recall us ever discussing any specific recommendations.
Please check my site for notes. I post all notes from all meetings on the this site. Do you have a date for this meeting?

Anonymous said...

June 19th at 2:15 following the July school allocation cycle the recommendations were presented. The recommendations were sifted through one-by-one and then it was decided they would need to be looked over by the county's lawyer.

Months later, the lawyer was done and nothing in the recommendations changed. Once again the recommendation were presented in November, you were not at that meeting but 5 of your fellow board members were.

These recommendations have been available since June ...

Anonymous said...

I am just saying it shouldn't take nearly a year for you to get reports