Saturday, January 19, 2008

School Allocation Meeting & More

If you have been following the APFO discussion...CCPS staff and the Board of Education will be meeting with the commissioners on Tuesday, January 22 at 2:30 for their agenda item "School Allocations Cycle."

In addition, the Board of Education members have been asked to join Mr. Richmond at the Starkey building at noon, the same day, to discuss administrative matters.

I have no further detail at this time but I have requested an agenda from the Chairman as well as, minutes for the meeting because I have prior March of Dimes obligations out of town. In the past, when the Board has meet for administrative matters, minutes have not been taken, however I have made the request due to my absence.


LegalBeaglette said...

I would like to know if the "administrative matters" are related to the school allocations issue. I do wish Mr. Richmond and the Board of Education would be more direct about such things. When I think “administrative issues,” I do not expect that Mr. Richmond would have to convene what amounts to a special meeting of the Board. Circumventing the law on public meetings? I have to wonder. What, generally, are such “administrative matters?”

Does this happen often? Are the board members well versed on the Open Meetings Compliance Act, and their responsibility to challenge what may be violations of it?

Jennifer Abell said...

Still have not received any official response to my request. I did talk to staff uyesterday afternoon and was told official minutes were NOT taken but the Mr. Wade requested "notes" and they would be forwarded to me upon completeion. Still waiting...

Jennifer Abell said...

To answer your questions...

What, generally, are such “administrative matters?”
In the past it could be about the method in which board members request information, attendance at conferences, training on Board Docs, etc. However it has been board, staff, superintendent relationships.

Does this happen often?
More often than I am comfortable with

Are the board members well versed on the Open Meetings Compliance Act, and their responsibility to challenge what may be violations of it?
I know I am quite familiar with it, however, when you have an attorney sitting at the table telling you otherwise, it's a difficult point to argue.

Jennifer Abell said...

Received notification that the notes from "board administrative functions" meetings are considered confidential and cannot be sent electronically. Sooo, I need to go by central office to take a look at the notes adn won't be able to blog about it :( Sorry!

LegalBeaglette said...

{laughter} That would be the same attorney who was totally oblivious to the lack of executive session minutes throughout the first decade (or thereabouts) of his employment? The same attorney who did not know that executive session topics must be part of an agenda prepared beforehand…or if he knew, assumed no one cared so he did not bother to advise adherence to the law? Etc.

Ah, yes…{more laughter}