Monday, January 28, 2008

Educating Our Children

Two great articles at

A Matter Of Scale: Expanding Educational Opportunities
Bill Gates
Today, more children attend school than at any other point in human history.
Around the world, literacy rates continue to climb. ... But while we have made
progress, we are far from reaching the goal of universal education. For
individuals, education is the prerequisite for opportunity and success. For
communities and nations, educated citizens provide the foundation for
sustainable social and economic progress.

Technology's Greater Role In Education
John Chambers

Educators, governments and businesses understand technology's role in preparing
our next-generation workforce and the importance of competing in a borderless
digital world. We cannot underestimate the impact that a level playing field has
in education, the local economy, job creation and a country’s competitiveness. I
believe that many don't fully understand the impact or the extent of the role
technology will play in the future. I also believe that the real question is
whether we will be prepared when it becomes clear.

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