Friday, March 30, 2007

Superintendent's Blog Too?

According to three articles by the American School Administrator's Association, some Superintendent's like to blog also. Check out these articles.

  1. Superintendent Pair Share Their Purpose for Blogging
  2. Blogging to My Advantage
  3. Blogging With the Doors Open


Anonymous said...

I learned of your blog in the Independent today. I am so excited. I've added you to my favorites list, and am looking forward to your posts regarding education issues and our local Board. I'm surprised and saddened that the vice-chairwoman wouldn't see this as a brilliant way to provide the openness and transparency that the public voted for last November. However, I'm afraid you might have to keep a close look-out for the 'unhinged'-type of commenters out there. Thanks for all you do for the students in Charles County.

Jennifer Abell said...

Melba Toast,
Thanks for your support. I run an open thread every Saturday. Feel free to let me know what you would like to see added or discussed on my site. As for the "unhinged" commenters, there's some in every crowd. I do NOT censor any comments prior to their appearance on the site but I do have authority to delete those not suitable for the general public. I don't mind criticism or even hecklers as long as they keep it clean. Again, thank you for your support and have a good weekend.

advok8 said...

Regarding the latest assault on blogging...
Has everyone & anyone just checked their civil rights at the door ?? I am just posing the question as to what is going on in Chuck Co?
All information will be handled by a spokesperson through the BoE and suppose that person doesn't do their job well in the eyes of their SUPERIORS" (i.e. little kings that reside in the Taj Mahal & other kingdoms inside this county)- will they be tendering their resignation like other facets of our county's govt ??
I am so proud of you Jennifer for doing this site and be willing to be accessible to residents.
Kudos to you kiddo !!
The shrews in the county who want to shut everyone up and do their mind control & censorship need to just get over themselves.
..Excuse me but didn't we endured this stuff when the Superintendent was Robert "I am in absolute control" Carter and it has just gotten worse in this county.. county employees are again treated worse than second rate citizens and I can't imagine it will get any better soon....

Anonymous said...

I just read in the paper about Mrs. Abell's blogsite.
I would like to see Patterson, Wise, and the others chime in on the fighting, crime, arsons, and all the wonderful behaviours that are going on in our county schools, headed up by our taxpayer funded, martial law imperialists over on Radio Station Road.

I hope that Wise is listening:
The taxpayers are sick of paying for administrators that pander to underage criminals in our schools.
They should either send them to the detention center, or send them home for their mommies and daddies to put them under house arrest. Some of these kids would qualify for Alcatraz.

How much further are we going to need to water our curriculum down to pass these punks?

I say have Richmond, Cunningham, Schwartz, and all the others (including Ms. Wise) substitute 1 month per year at schools like Lackey and Westlake, just as a sobering reminder that their policies just AIN'T working.

Jennifer Abell said...

Thank you for your support and I value your opinions and input. I would like for this site to remain a site that I would feel free to have students participate in and therefore would humbly ask that you please refrain from name-calling. I believe we can all have a healthy debate and discussion where we can devise possible solutions. Yours in service, Jennifer