Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Board of Education Determines Priorities

The Board members and CCPS staff met with a member of MABE (Maryland Association of Boards of Education) on March 8th for training session to help determine the Boards direction and priorities for the coming months. All Board members were asked to list their top three priorities and present them to the remaining members. We then voted on the list. The following were determined to be the top priorties, listed in order of importance and identified by the members who proposed:

  1. Teacher Recruitment and Retention (Abell, Cook, Pedersen, Wise)
  2. Code of Behavior of Board - Policy 8140 (Wise)
  3. Testing.Over-testing/Time on Test Prep (Abell, Pedersen, Wise)
  4. Gifted Education - more rigor (Cook)

Item #2, Code of Behavior of Board - a Board subcommittee was formed and tasked with bringing a proposal to the Board. Members of the committee are (Schwartz, Wise, Cook, Wade)

Other items brought forward by members include the following, listed in no particular order:

  1. Financial Literacy for Students (Carrington)
  2. School Construction and Maintenance Funding (Abell, Wise)
  3. AYP and HSA requirements (Wade)
  4. JROTC military ball (Wade)
  5. Increase student opportunities (Bailey)
  6. Strengthen & develop critical thinking skills in students (Bailey)
  7. Enhanced Science and History (Bailey)
  8. Open Communication with the Community (Pedersen)
  9. Non-County School Students (Cook)

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