Wednesday, March 28, 2007

School Schedules Part 4 - Accomodating Teenagers Sleep Cycles?

The below post is the fourth in a series dealing with alternatives to the traditional school calendar and school day. I have to admit when I first saw this topic I thought, "You have got to be kidding me. Systems actually implement this?" Tell me what you think.

An article by the Center for Public Education...

Some districts are adjusting high school start times in light of research suggesting that the sleep-wake cycle shifts during adolescence leads to teenagers’ natural tendency to fall asleep later and wake up later (Graham, 2000). A recent study from Northwestern University builds on this research, finding that high school students performed better later in the day than early in the morning, and most high school schedules contribute to sleep deprivation among students (Tonn, 2006).

Reported Benefits
  1. Improved attendance
  2. More alert students, less sleeping in class
  3. Less student-reported depression
  4. More efficient use of transportation

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