Thursday, March 01, 2007

Live Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Homework TODAY!

The Center for Public Education is hosting a live discussion today on the pros and cons of homework.

Homework has gone in and out of fashion since the 19th century. Does it help or hamper student learning? Do kids get too much or not enough?

Parents, teachers, and policymakers struggle with these and other questions about homework.

Get answers at the Center for Public Education's next live chat:

Homework: What is it Good For?
Thursday, March 1, 2007
2 p.m. EST

Find out what research says about the value of homework.

Submit questions now or during the session.


Heather Brooks said...

I think a little bit of homework is ok - less than an hour. I feel that children who tend to be genrally good students are well-rounded and are so because they do many activities after school hours that keep their brains busy.

In my mind too much homework deprives them of the ability to be well-rounded and also from more participation in their community in general if they are hunkered down over books.

Anonymous said...

Well, students that are preparing for college taking AP classes have no other choice than to do hours of work every night.

Some single AP classes alone require more than an hour of work every night.

I agree that kids in middle school and under shouldn't be doing work that is meaningless garbage.

They should be learning the fundamental skills of reading, writing, and doing arithmetic.

All the other hogwash of diversity, PBIS, walking and then squauking is simply raising a bunch of mind washed dummies that won't be strong leaders. (taking after the ones leading the schools at this point)