Monday, March 12, 2007

REMINDER - Board Meeting Tuesday, March 13

Just wanted to remind everyone there is a Board Meeting Tuesday, March 13th at 1:00 pm. To view the full agenda and the various reports, please visit Board Docs.

Reports include:
Redistricting Committee's Report for Mary Burgess Neal Elementary School
MESA and Indian Education Update
School Calendar Recommendations for 08/09 School year
Technology Update

Actions include:
Policy Amendments


LegalBeaglette said...

I’ve taken a look at today’s agenda, and read through some earlier minutes and your notes.

Do board members go through any sort of training in the Open Meetings Act? Or are you just guided by the attorney and/or the Manual posted on BoardDocs and/or what seems right because that’s what has always been done?

It seems to me the Board of Ed has had a longstanding confusion about what the Open Meetings Act is about. I think your Chair was reported to have made a statement like, “I know how I voted.” So? It’s not a question of whether he knows how he voted. Board minutes show that Mr. Bailey has pushed for more “behind the scenes” discussion – making suggestions like dumping Correspondence/Board Member Updates, and having the board members provide their updates to each other by email. Mr. Carrington says board members should have an idea an item will pass before it is brought up.

The ability of the public, its representatives, and the media to attend, report on, and broadcast meetings of public bodies and to witness the phases of the deliberation, policy formation, and decision making of the public bodies ensures the accountability of government to the citizens of the State. §10-501(b)(1) of the Open Meetings Act

When Mr. Wade stated that “the appropriate time to post any changes to the report item is after thorough discussion among all members so that the changes reflect the thinking and opinions of all Board members and not one individual” – he showed that he has a very different interpretation of “…witness the phases of the deliberation, policy formation, and decision making…” than I do. The report item provided to the public on the 9000 series was only “staff-proposed” revisions, as an earlier comment pointed out. The staff does not represent the public, the board members do. If one or more of the members has revision suggestions he/she thinks should be under discussion, I think they should be included in the report item. Policy revisions proposed by board members have been made available through BoardDocs in the past. Why the change? Does doing it this way really allow the public to witness the process of policy formation?

Mr. Wade’s response about the 9000 policy revisions, and the comments of other board members about how the Board should conduct its work, do not encourage my public trust.

Jennifer Abell said...

Legalbeaglette -
Board members do NOT go through any sort of specialized training on the Open Meetings Act. The Superintendent's attorney guides and advises us on the process and legalities. Individual Board members may use reference sources to confirm, I know I do.