Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Education Legislation Lowdown

Below is some of the education legislation and their current status.

  • GEOGRAPHIC COST OF EDUCATION INDEX FOR SCHOOLS (Require that future budgets provide additional money for schools in areas with high cost of living) Stalled
  • TUITION FREEZE (Freeze tuition at public universities) Approved by both chambers and included in budget
  • SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION (Provide $400 million for school construction) Approved in House capital budget; pending in Senate budget
  • TUITION FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (Provide in-state tuition at public universities to immigrants who graduate from Maryland high schools) Approved in House
  • APOLOGY FOR SLAVERY (Express "profound regret" for Maryland's role in the slave trade) Approved by both chambers
  • TRUANCY (Prevent habitual truants from getting a learner's permit to drive) Different versions pass in House and Senate

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigration is just plain sad. Kids of illegals should be sent back with the parents. They have no constitutional right nor should any elected officials pass out my taxpayer money to illegals.

Let's pretend that our federal government is protecting our borders.
These people are breaking out laws. They should not be allowed in our schools, nor should they be granted any type of benefit such as "in-state" tuition.