Saturday, April 07, 2007

UPDATE - Education Legislation

Below is some of the education legislation and their current status.

  • GEOGRAPHIC COST OF EDUCATION INDEX FOR SCHOOLS (Require that future budgets provide additional money for schools in areas with high cost of living) Stalled
  • TUITION FREEZE (Freeze tuition at public universities) Approved by both chambers and included in budget
  • SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION (Provide $400 million for school construction) Approved in House and Senate capital budgets
  • TUITION FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (Provide in-state tuition at public universities to immigrants who graduate from Maryland high schools) Approved in House
  • APOLOGY FOR SLAVERY (Express "profound regret" for Maryland's role in the slave trade) Approved by both chambers
  • TRUANCY (Prevent habitual truants from getting a learner's permit to drive) Different versions pass in House and Senate

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