Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Chocolate War" Creates a War of it's Own

According to the Examiner, the ‘Chocolate War’ will be cut from Harford County schools’ curriculum due to parents protesting the book's language, depictions of violence and references to sex. Have any of you read this book?

“The Chocolate War” will no longer be required reading for Harford County freshmen, after numerous parents took issue with its violence and strong language.

Superintendent Jacqueline Haas will go before the Board of Education on Tuesday to announce that Robert Cormier’s 1974 novel will be pulled from the mandatory ninth-grade “living in a contemporary world” class, despite a review committee’s unanimous ruling that it should be kept.

“The controversy that has occurred over ‘The Chocolate War’ has left it unusable at this time,” Haas wrote in her decision, released on the schools’ Web site this week. “While the Superintendent would want to make the decision … on the merits of the book, the divergent views of this work make it difficult to continue its use at this time.”

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