Monday, April 16, 2007

Out and About in San Francisco


On Sunday evening I got a look at some of the best views and ate at what I consider one of the Bay area's best kept secrets, so I just had to share. Better pictures will be coming upon my return to Maryland, (forgot the USB cable for my camera) these were just taken with my camera phone but it gives you an idea.

If you take a short ride over the Golden Gate Bridge, there are wonderful little areas to stop on both sides and take breathtaking views of the bridge and surrounding area.

If you continue on Rt. 101 North after crossing the bridge, take the Sausalito exit. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp and continue on Bridgeway. You will take a nice leisurely ride through a a charming waterfront town. There is metered parking, a great little park, and wonderful little shops to stroll.

If you continue towards the point there is a fantastic restaurant called Horizon's. You can dine outside, which we did of course, and enjoy the beautiful San Francisco weather and scenery. This view from their outdoor dining area is breathtaking. The service was outstanding (our waiter was Luis), the food was magnificent, light music was playing faintly in the background, I just can't tell you enough. Horizon's difinitely has it going on!
If you enjoy the landscape and housing views, you continue on Rt. 101 North and take the Muir Woods exit.This is a nice scenic drive through Muir Woods, which is a windy road with absolutely gorgeous houses.
In conclusion, I love San Francisco and all it's offerings but I look forward to returning to Maryland and if you are ever in the SF area, make sure to eat at Horizon's.

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