Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bored High School Students

Students are bored, many skip school, lack adult support...
according to a survey of 81,000 students from 100 schools in 26 states. The annual survey, led by Indiana University researchers shows over two-thirds of high school sudents complain of boredom, usually because the subject matter was irrelevant or their teachers didn't seem to care about them.

Today's high school students say they are bored in class because they dislike the material and experience inadequate teacher interaction, according to a special report from Indiana University's High School Survey of Student Engagement (HSSSE). The findings, released today (Feb. 28), show that 2 out of 3 students are bored in class every day, while 17 percent say they are bored in every class.

More than 81,000 students responded to the annual survey. HSSSE was administered in 110 high schools, ranging in size from 37 students to nearly 4,000, across 26 states.

According to the director of the project, the reasons high school students claim they are bored are as significant as the boredom itself. Ethan Yazzie-Mintz, HSSSE project director for the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP), says the finding that nearly one in three respondents (31 percent) indicate he or she is bored in class due to "no interaction with teacher" is a troubling result.

To view the press release and download the complete survey results, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Well of course they are board.
I hear from students ALL THE TIME that their teachers hand out worksheets, then sit at their desk.

We need to get Richmond's policy revoked and get parents in and out of the schools to start observing some of these hideous practices going on in these classrooms.

Teachers should not be allowed to sit at their desk during classes. It is their duty to be leading these kids by example. Lecturing and interaction is their job.

We don't pay these people to widen their fannies sitting on IM all day!

Jennifer Abell said...


Richmond's policy revoked? I'm assuming the visitation policy. As far as teachers physically teaching, I agree however I don't believe there is an overwhelming majority of teachers just sitting on their "fannies". Enlighten me> Also, if you know of specific instances or your haveing problems with a particular teacher, please let them know and if that doesn't work, continue on up the food chain. :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is true.
Go over to McDonough and have some students secretly video tape a few classes for you.

I think that will open your eyes.
The schools are like prisons. Parents should be allowed to visit anytime they please.

Jennifer Abell said...

My children attend McDonough and yes there have been complaints from them as well as their friends and parents. However, I still say it is the parents responsibility to communicate the problems with the teachers and the school administration. Things will never change until parents take action to change them. Three points I'd like to make...
1. Sending students secretly with video cameras is not a mature way to handle a situation and may end up getting the student in trouble and it may cause legal problems. I would exhaust all other avenues at least before attempting this.
2. Not ALL teachers are like this. We do have some very qualified, well-educated teachers that are concerned for the education of the students.
3. Communication with your student, teachers, and administrators is critical!!

Anonymous said...

There must be a way to allow a parent to go into observe without being announced EVERY time.

We all know that many teachers will "straighten up", get off of their cell phones, IM, and actually teach.

I don't think the administrators are doing their job, and I feel that they are being very dishonest when it comes to keeping teachers that either don't know the material, hate teaching, or simply don't care.

Jennifer Abell said...

Then I would venture to say that the problem lies with administration, not necessarily the teachers. After all, just as parents are responsible for raising and teaching a child, aren't the administrators ultiately responsible for the teachers?
As for parents coming in unannounced, that has been an issue of mine for a long time. I do think SOME, NOT ALL, teachers put on "airs". I believe it's human nature. When you know someone is watching you and will be crticizing you, of course you are going to do your best. On the other hand, for the saftey of the students, and the privacy of the other other students in the classroom.....it's a toughy. If you think of a good solution, please let me know.