Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NSBA Conference Update


Good morning! Today I'll be taking a tour of Alcatraz and visiting the Aquarium. I'll post on that tomorrow. My plane leaves late tonight and lands me back in Maryland early tomorrow morning! I like San Francisco but I'm ready to come HOME!!

The amount of information at these conferences is enormous! I thought I would list some of the titles to other threads on the NSBA website that other attendees posted with their notes/comments on some of the sessions they attended. Unfortunately, each post isn't a separate link so you'll need to go to the main site and scroll through the entries.

Enter HERE.

  • Nat'l Advocacy Networks Mtg (FRN & NAAN)
  • F.W. de Klerk: President and Change Manager
  • Leadership means answering the question: Why are we here?
  • A School Law Primer: Part I Student Discipline
  • A Scarcity of Leadership...and What to Do About It
  • Good Questions are the Job of the Board
  • Supt.-School Board Relations
  • Math, Science, & Technology (MST): Theories, Laws and Moving Forward
  • Leading When You're Not In Charge
  • National Association of Superintendent Searchers (NASS) Meet
  • The Child's Right NOT to Read
  • NCLB, IDEA, & the Law of Unfunded Mandates
  • 2nd General Session Speaker - Bill Clinton
  • Its the Thought that Counts
  • The Power of a Single Goal
  • My Eyes Are Still Damp
  • Failure is NOT an Option
  • LIVE with Anne Bryant and Francisco Negrón
  • Exhibitors: Quality conversations about schools

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