Friday, February 02, 2007

Student Progress Lags in Area Middle Schools

According to an article in todays Washington Post, one student in three attending a middle school in Maryland lacks proficiency on the Maryland School Assessment, a standard all students are supposed to meet by 2014.


School boards across the D.C. suburbs are talking about fixing middle schools. There is fairly broad consensus that they represent the weak link between comparatively prosperous elementary and high schools. There is pervasive talk of middle school reform.
Only 14 of 124 middle schools in the D.C. suburbs achieved at least 90 percent proficiency in reading and math on the 2006 MSA, according to an analysis of data for grades 6 through 8. The analysis includes schools in Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery and St. Mary's counties, as well as a limited number of schools in Prince George's that serve grades 6 through 8. (Many middle schools in that county do not have sixth grade.)


LegalBeaglette said...

“Middle schools tend to have…few advanced programs compared with elementary and high schools.”

Parents said that a decade ago when CCPS dumped gifted education.

“Frederick County completed a systemwide survey last week…Among the concerns is that…the county lacks a comprehensive gifted-education program at that level.”

Yes. I’d say that is a concern in Charles County, too.

One wonders what happened to the “Meeting the Middle” program, to which all CCPS middle school resource staff (reading, gifted, and instructional specialists) were tasked. Is it still in place? Did it accomplish anything? What were its goals, and how were they measured?

In addition, I'm a little curious how a gifted education program contributes to simple proficiency - a standard all students are supposed to meet. Why is "gifted education" being put forth as a "fix" for that?

Anonymous said...

Look at Matthew Henson.
They got rid of a very talented teacher that taught computer technology.

It's sad but that school has been flushed down the commode several years ago.

Unfortunately, we parents have our hands tied.
We should start by raising "HE$$" over at the BOE. Jennifer, are you listening?

What has happened to McDonough? The student population is downright violent and the administration will not come down on these monsters.

All these He$$raisers should be kicked out. At least for the sake of the few kids left that actually want to learn.

For kids in lower level classes, it's plain awful that they allow rotten troublemakers in a classroom.

Jennifer Abell said...

Yes, I'm listening. I really don't know what to say. I hear you, I understand, I hear the same about Stoddert, and now Piccowaxen. Just started hearing about the violent problems at McDonough last year, Westlake and Thomas Stone are in the same boat. Let me ask you this...what do you propose I do?