Saturday, February 24, 2007

Higher Grades Contradict Test Scores

This week on YahooNews...

High school students are getting better grades and taking more challenging courses, but that apparent progress is not showing up on national math and reading tests.

"The reality is that the results don't square," said Darvin Winick, chair of the independent National Assessment Governing Board, which oversees the tests. Scores were released Thursday.

Nearly 40 percent of high school seniors scored below the basic level on the math test. More than a quarter of seniors failed to reach the basic level on the reading test. Most educators think students ought to be able to work at the basic level.

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Anonymous said...

A recent Time Magazine article showed that Maryland has one of the largest disparities between the State Assessments and the local testing and grading.

What does that tell you?
Maybe grade inflation? Maybe teachers handing out a few too many worksheets during class instead of utilizing that time for the teacher to show leadership and instruct the students for the full class time.