Thursday, February 01, 2007

Public-Private Partnerships Right Model to Build Public Schools

The Examiner has an interesting little editorial today. I wonder if Charles County will ever look outside the box?

BALTIMORE - Gov. Martin O’Malley proposed to hike spending on school construction from $323 million in 2007 to $400 million in 2008. He suggests reductions to $250 million annually in following years.
That’s a lot of money. Many obsolete and dangerous schools clamor for replacement or additions. The need to update or rebuild in most districts is not at issue. The issue is how they are replaced.
School districts in Maryland routinely build and operate schools. They don’t have to. And it doesn’t make sense. School administrators do not earn degrees in real estate development and construction management. Other states and other countries routinely partner with private developers to cut the time it takes to build schools and save money. It’s time Maryland started the practice, too.

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