Saturday, February 03, 2007

Open Thread Saturday!

I will begin posting an "Open Thread" every Saturday for visitors to tell me what you would like to see on my site. What can I do to make it more user-friendly or topics you would like to see discussed in the future. So here you go, give me your feedback.


Heather Brooks said...

How can we get the subject of GERM CONTROL (with it being flu season and all) raised to the board?

Healthy students mean less absenteeisim - less cost, less teachers out.

All of our schools should have hand washing policies and should also implement a campaign to encourage good habits to help slow the spread of disease.

Jennifer Abell said...

I'm sure there are basic guidelines for the adults to follow just like in any work environment. As for the students, they are taught proper techniques in their health class. For something a little more structureed, I would say start with your school nurse and principal. Sometimes it's easier to start from the bottom up than from the top down. :)