Friday, February 16, 2007


Do you ever wonder...

why does it take so long to get anything accomplished?

why people don't trust politicians?

why do politicians get such a bad rap?

why do politicians do what they do?

where do politicans come up with these promises?

why don't politicians keep their promises?

why politicans think they have to be manipulative?

what would happen if a politician refused to play the game?

who actually has control?

what would the public think if they were fully aware of EVERYTHING?

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Heather Brooks said...

People don't trust politicians because more often than not it seems like they are serving a personal agenda even when it's contrary to what is best for the public.

At times that leads politicians to be more beholden to campaign contributors or to their pals than to the tax payers.

I think they make promises to do things they know people want, like transparancy and accountability - why they don't follow up on those promises I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Especially when they KNOW that it's why thy got elected in the first place.

I think open forums and meetings about what is being done with our tax money is fair and proper. Period. I think that having a say about what is going to happen is fair and proper.

I also think some folks get on a power trip and it's as simple as that.