Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Assessment of the New Bike Trail

Okay, not really education related but definitely community related and students might eventually try to venture out and get some sunshine.

Today was a gorgeous day so I decided to try out the new Hike-Bike Trail that runs from Indian Head to White Plains. Here is my assessment along with some pictures.

First I drove to the entrance of the trail off of Bumpy Oak Road and took off toward White Plains. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far. I got to Pomfret Road and was not allowed to continue because of it being roped off and saying DO NOT ENTER, NO TRESPASSING, U.S. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY
So I turned around and headed towards Indian Head and rode all the way to Rt. 225 (decided to turn around there because it was starting to get dark) never seein' a soul until...

...I met Charlie. Charlie was a nice elderly gentleman that said he rode from Marbury, does it frequently and posed for this nice picture. If you look closely there is an old barn in the background.

Summing it all up...I never saw anything paved and I thought the commissioners had stated that it was paved; maybe it is in another section, but not this one. I saw ducks, geese, and a blue heron. It was quite the workout riding through all the gravel, hills, and mud puddles. I definitely wouldn't try it without an off-road bicycle. Charlie was having a tough time and had to turn around because he couldn't get through with those skinny tires. It would be great for walking or jogging. I could see it becoming an all-terrain vehicle magnet once the weather breaks, though. Plan plenty of time so it doesn't get dark on you; it gets dark in the woods about 30 - 60 minutes before everywhere else. It was kind of spooky going alone. I definitely would say let someone know where you're going and don't go alone, or if you do, don't wear headphones, be aware of your surroundings, and exercise your right to bear arms :)


Anonymous said...

The part of the trail that starts in indian head by St. Mary Star of the Sea church is paved all the way to Hawthorne Rd/MD-225 it is about 3 miles one way but remember you have to go back so it would be about 6 miles round trim. When i walked on it with my neighbor on a monday afternoon we ran into about 5 or 6 familys and we only walked about 1 mile out. It is perfect for walking, running, biking, or inline skates. One thing that i do like is that any time the trail was about to cross a road the had 3 yellow posts on the trail to warn you to stop and look both ways before you crossed the street.
Overall this trail will be very usefull for everyone young to old. I do agree with the blog that to make sure to let someone know if you are going on it but i sugust going with someone cause it can be kind of creepy if your by your self.

Jennifer Abell said...

Excited Student
Thanks for your seems like I didn't go far enough then. Maybe if I crossed 225 and continued to Indian Head it would have been paved and more easily travelled. It also sounds like the closer you get to indian head the more traffic it has.
I was very disappointed to come across all the no trespassing signs on my route though...maybe they are finishing it in sections.
Again, thsnks for your input.

im1ru2 said...

Excited Student had the location of the only portion of the trail that is currently paved and ready to be used for its intended purpose spot on.

The much trumpeted "grand opening" IMHO was a bit pre-mature as that small section from St. Mary's Drive to Rt. 225 being the only part actually available for use. And having to drive to either end (St. Mary's dive or Rt. 225) & parking there, or unloading the kids there with no designated place to leave the car seemed liked someone forgot to include ink for your pen. I was worried that I was going to get a ticket but relieved I did not.

However, as it is the kids got easily bored with the quick turn around and back & forth on bikes and skate boards. Perhaps once it really is "complete" & we can go further distances & the kids can burn energy (yeah) & we can all get out & about together, we will have different opinions.

But as of right now, some of our driveways have the same effect with better parking & less driving distance to & fro.

Anonymous said...

I live off of Bensville Rd. If you head down Bensville towards White Plains/LaPlatta that portion is paved. We have not tried out the path yet...