Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm LIVID, part 2

Okay here we go again...this post is in regards to a previous one...

So I phoned central office yesterday to see if the results of the poll were in. I was informed they were still waiting on two. I asked if they would be sending out the results upon completion and was told I would need to talk to Mr. Wade.

Phoned central office again this morning to see if it was complete and to try and talk to Mr. Wade. He wasn't in. Tried his answer. Tried his home...answering machine picked up...I thought I had hung up and was going to call central office again but heard that there was no dial I listened for a minute.....and heard a voice..."Mr. Wade?" Yes in deedy it was. Strange.

I asked Mr. Wade if we would be receiving the results of the poll today and was informed that NO we would not. We will be receiving the results on Monday at the work session. I questioned how one member of the board (himself) could withhold information from the other members. How can we prepare for the meeting without the results? The conversation continued with how he could poll one member's requests but not another's. He said safety is a concern for all and mine was just a laundry list. He then mumbled that there is a process. My response was yes, there is a process, but it should pertain to all members, not just one. Then I received a lecture about being professional and how this very conversation could end up on a blog somewhere. I put his fear at ease and assured him it would.

I have a call in for legal advice.

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