Saturday, December 16, 2006

WANTED: Student Stars

The National Affiliate program will be hosting a Evening of Student Stars at the NSBA Annual Conference. We are looking for talented students to fill out the program. Below are program guidelines. For more information about the application process go to Student Stars Info

General Guidelines:

  • We are highlighting individuals and small performance groups for this event. The size of the group (including instrumentalists, singers, dancers, accompanists, etc.) may not exceed eight people.
  • Each selected individual or group will be limited to one adult accompanist (i.e. - pianist or conductor) for performance.
  • Applications must be received no later than January 20, 2007 and should be sent to: Alyssa Martin, 185 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. Selections are made by an outside professional consultant (not by NSBA's elected leaders or staff) on the sole basis of performance quality.
  • NSBA provides two nights of complimentary housing for the student(s) and for two or three accompanying adults who will be expected to assume responsibility for the safety and deportment of the group.
  • Transportation and meal costs are the responsibility of the respective school boards.
  • Performing soloist or groups must represent a public school or group of public schools and have school board approval to represent their district.

The deadline is January 20, 2007. For more information contact Sandy Folks at (703) 838-6787 or


LegalBeaglette said...

The Student Stars Info link you provide is an Outlook Web Access lmited to authorized users...

Are students who might be interested in this supposed to contact the school's gifted resource teacher? The music instructor? The band director? The principal?

Jennifer Abell said...

legalbeaglette - link fixed, sorry.

Last year, McDonough Madrigals represented Charles County and they were magnificent.

Interested students should discuss with their teacher first and then it would follow the chain of command. If assistance is needed, please feel free to contact me.