Monday, December 18, 2006

Free Housing to Retain New Teachers

According to an article by Carol Chmelynski on the National School Board Association web-site...

"Officials at the rapidly growing Clark County, Nev., school district in Las Vegas, are having such a hard time hiring enough teachers, they are considering offering affordable housing as an incentive.
Clark County is just one of several districts throughout the nation in areas with soaring housing costs that are looking at innovative ways to attract and retain teachers.
The Clark County school board is exploring options for providing a few hundred residences in the form of houses, condominiums, and apartments and will make a final decision in January, said George Ann Rice, associate superintendent for human resources."

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LegalBeaglette said...

Only one county -- Prince Georges, Maryland -- offers "free" housing. All the others have instituted programs that offer stipends, reduced mortgages, etc.

So...what about the "Keys for Employees" program Patterson mentioned at the Legislative Breakfast 11/27/06?

Heather Brooks said...

I think it's *so* important that educators be able to live in the counties they serve. For their sake and for the students and teachers.

Considering our great need here, I think it's a wonderful idea to look into these sorts of options!

LegalBeaglette said...

Agreed, Heather. But living in Charles County -- whether renting or purchasing a home -- is a serious financial hardship for many, not just teachers. This is not a county that, overall, provides sufficient local employment opportunities or income levels to allow its residents to reside AND work here.

Jennifer Abell said...

Legal Beaglette - Keys for Employees; didn't want to leave you hanging but I will follow-up on this after the holidays. Haven't heard another peep about it. Thanks for the reminder.