Saturday, December 16, 2006

Children At Risk

Poverty: A Common Thread

Many students come from impoverished homes with no history of financial or familial success? How can schools help "at-risk" kids beat the odds?

"Over the next several months, American School Board Journal will examine the education of children at risk. We’ll look at their lives in and out of school, the myriad problems they face, and how some schools are responding to their needs. Social scientists have identified six primary risk factors, all of which are common in low-income households: poverty itself, welfare dependence, absent parents, one-parent families, unwed mothers, and a parent without a high school diploma.While it is not necessary to be poor to be at risk—children from single-parent families are found all along the income spectrum—poverty usually is the common thread. How much can schools do to help the poor? That is a matter of considerable debate. Some argue that by becoming more efficient, focused organizations, schools alone can lift children out of poverty. Others say the problems of poor children are so multifaceted and profound that reforming schools is not enough."

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