Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Governor Announces FY19 Budget Proposal

Conduit Street
By Barbara Zektick
Governor Larry Hogan announced at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon that he plans to submit his budget tomorrow, in accordance with State law. He announced that the budget will include record funding for K-12 education, full funding for Program Open Space, and nearly $1 billion in cash reserves. He stressed that his budget includes no new taxes, cuts to services, or raiding of special funds – and is 100 percent structurally balanced.
He committed $230 million for local roads, which is about 8 percent greater than last year. His published statement provides that this includes $178.1 million in highway user revenue funds, and $53.7 million in capital grants to local jurisdictions. He also agreed to work the legislature to restore infrastructure funding for local governments.
Governor Hogan faulted the General Assembly for attempting to pass along $2.8 billion in new spending mandates last session. He pledged to once again submit legislation providing mandate relief.
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