Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Final Knott Commission on School Construction Report Released

The final report is released for the Commission Chair’s briefings for the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.
Many recommendations in the Knott Commission Report aim to streamline processes and reduce school construction costs.
The 21st Century School Facilities Commission (Knott Commission) final report has been released and the recommendations, at first glance, seem to be largely in line with the Commission’s prior discussions.
In the briefing for the House Appropriations Committee, Delegate Maggie McIntosh, Chair of the Committee, made opening remarks and stated that the Report would be put into bill form and could be a major piece of legislation to come out this year.
Martin Knott, Chair of the Commission, spoke of 4 needs in school construction:

  1. Flexibility for locals and streamlining processes;
  2. Incentives for positive construction practices;
  3. A focus for the role of the State on providing technical assistance to small school systems with fewer resources; and
  4. Transparency in existing facility conditions.

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