Friday, October 10, 2014

Student Government Afraid To Fund 'Sex Week,' Says It Could Be 'Dangerous'

(Not sure of my opinion on this one, I can see both sides.  Maybe a less "in your face" approach, or different name.  I would love to hear your feedback.)

ETSU Student Government Votes Against Funding 'Sex Week' Fearing Conservative Backlash

Huffington Post
Tyler Kingkade
October 8, 2014

The student government at East Tennessee State University voted Tuesday against providing funding for a student group that wanted to organize a "Sex Week" event on campus, with student leaders going so far as to call the proposed events "dangerous" because of potential backlash from conservative lawmakers.

With 23 students in favor and one opposing, the ETSU student government overwhelmingly voted against providing the nearly $10,000 in student fee funding requested by the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, a pro-abortion rights student group, to cover costs for a Sex Week on campus in February. Student senators told The Huffington Post that they were worried the sex education events for adult students would prove too risqué.

"When they started organizing this at ETSU, we were very concerned about it," Brandon Johnson, a junior and student senator at the university, said. "We are all for sexual education -- we made a very proud stance on that, everyone should be informed about it. Unfortunately, the 'Sex Week' banner has such a negative name associated with that."

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