Thursday, October 30, 2014

Notes from the Parent Advisory Council, 10/28/14

(Thank you to Joseph Cormier Arthur Middleton Owls PTO President for forwarding the notes)

Information dissemination: Working together toward a brighter tomorrow. 
Parents affected by drug abuse:
·       Amy Young: A parent affected by addiction in child.
·       Face of drug user doesn’t look stereotypical.
·       Need to Educate parents and teachers beyond DARE into the real world.
·       11th -12th grade with no post high school goals are target group.
·       MD is heroin capital of country.
·       Be aware of social media and friend groups your children participate in.
·       Don’t wait until something has happened.
·       Don’t assume happy, involved straight A student is not tempted.
·       Parents don’t want to admit their kids would fall into trap of friend offering drugs.
·       Medicine cabinets can be treasure trove. Use it or dispose of it. Don’t keep it.
·       Need anonymous feedback from parents and students.
·       Want to come to individual schools for presentations.
CCPS On the GO
·       Apple and android users can download free app.
·       Parent portal.
·       Blackboard Kinect.
·       Parent notification.
·       News releases and external releases.
·       Users can ‘follow my child’ follow my school.
·       General calendar populates as well.
·       Still in beta phase, working hurdles for different gateways
·       Need student 6 number lunch number/ID number
·       Dec/Jan update coming down. Need parent feedback for them.
· For any Tech questions.
Keith Hettel:
·       Building and construction management is on going process.
·       GWWO study Capital improvement plan is in phase 3.
·       $235,000 dollar study bid process.
·       State and county funding for CIP.
·       60 Million in improvements to present schools. Fire alarms, PA System, HVAC, Kindergarten addition.
·       21st century educational opportunity for all students.
·       Need a seat for all students, reduce learning cottages.
·       On site assessments for all building
·       Building manager and staff survey
·       All buildings objectively scored by capacity and condition for priority.
·       Some funding is 63 % state 37% local
·       Aggressive 10 year plan for renovation or new building
·       Also include 10 maintenance
·       $578,256,877 todays dollars not inflated
·       Stoddert, Jennifer, matula, mudd and new school west of 301.
Marvin Jones Safety Brief:
·       Inside locks for interior doors.
·       Shades for widows.
·       Increase in student resource officers rotations.
·       Indoor and outdoor cameras
·       Access control.
·       Spare entry cards for PE, Learning cottages
·       Vigilant for student unrest.
Linda Gill School Student Recognition program
·       Making sure students are recognized for activities in and out of school.
·       Participation from parents and students
·       Volunteer hours recognized.
PTO Council
·       Vicky Kelly started group
·       Getting all PTO/PTA on the same page

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