Sunday, April 06, 2014

NSBA Conference: Promoting the Arts Amidst Challenges to Public Education

Creating a school for integrated arts can attract a group of learners often disengaged by traditional curriculum.  A program integrating music, art, drama, and dance/movement as instructional techniques into the core curricular subjects appeals to many students who learn in non-traditional ways.  Integrated Arts focuses on instructional methods in the process of learning rather than performance.  One key result has been academic success.  Kokomo Center School Corporation's program provides an additional choice for parents and students and can boost enrollment.

Nice concept, ideas, and I love it.  I'm thinking we could probably implement something similar on a smaller scale into the existing curriculum or into individual IEPs.  Maybe just another tool in the toolbox for the students we can't seem to reach.  However, this did get me to thinking AGAIN about how bad we need a magnet school for the ARTS in Charles's past due.

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Bowowow said...

I totally concur! Not too many people know this, originally our Waldorf West public library was supposed to have had included a cultural performance center sponsored by Comcast. Due to budget cuts Comcast pulled out. Everyone was so disappointed.