Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Notes from Board of Education Meeting, 4/1/14

The Board of Education Meeting on Tuesday, April 1 will be re-broadcast on Comcast Channel 96, Verizon FIOS Channel 12 and is available via webstream at http://www.ccboe.com/ . To view the full agenda and the various reports, please visit BoardDocs.

The below notes are my personal notes and are not intended to be all-inclusive or official minutes for the Board of Education meetings and are provided as a request from my supporters and the general public in a personal effort to be more transparent. Although I have diligently tried to make these notes as unbiased and accurate as possible, I am only human and do make mistakes.
Executive session – 12 p.m.

Call to order – 1 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance, Westlake High School JROTC

Superintendent’s update

Correspondence/Board Member updates
  • (having technical difficulties during this time and did not get everyone's updates; basically attending DI, Senior Prom, touring St. Charles High School, Candidate's Forum)
Education Association of Charles County update - not in attendance; not report

Student Board Member update
Student athletes grade-point average
CIP update
Overview of TEAM’s Dashboard
Budget update

Board policy on student discipline
Legislative update
  • SB779/HB1198 - Shifts burden of proof; house trying to add amendments; optimistic
  • SB232/HB727 - Prevailing wage bill; still in session
  • Liquor Bill for Charles County passed
  • SB332/HB297 - Grant for Pre-K; passed both
  • HB571 - school counselor...still in house.
Unfinished business
  • Today, State Superintendent Lillian Lowery granted Charles County Public Schools a three-day waiver, two days short of the five the system requested. Schools will open for two days during spring break – Monday, April 14 and Tuesday, April 15. Schools will be closed for spring break April 16-21 and reopen on Tuesday, April 22. Administrative offices are closed Friday, April 18 and Monday, April 21.
New business - none

Future agenda items - none

Recognition – 4:30 p.m.
  • Students - Veronica Rodriquez, 5th grade, Career Readiness, C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School; Georgia Gordon, 5th grade Personal Responsibility, Indian Head Elementary School; Grady Klaas, 5th grade, Career Readiness, Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy Elementary School; Tyler Whitsett, 8th grade, Academic Achievement, Theodore G. Davis Middle School; Michael Rowley, 12th grade, Academic Achievement, Westlake High School
  • Staff - Anne S. Zabel, instructional assistant, Barnhart; Angela R. McDonald, secretary to the principal, Indian Head; Darlene M. Denny, secretary to the principal, Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy; Jennifer R. Posey, science teacher, Davis; Zohra Cherif, social studies teacher, Westlake
  • Resolutions: Teacher Appreciation Week; Administrative Professionals Week; Child Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week; and National Physical Education and Sport Week.
Public Forum – 6 p.m.
  • Jonathan Koper - residential broadband access & teacher expectations; download limitations; security improvements in school, not enough done, only reactionary to incidents.  Needs more done.  Child at T. C. Martin.  Chess Tournament last year at Stone.  Sponsored karate event at the school at the same time.  Weapons violation at the school in Code 4-102. 

Action items
  • Minutes
Motion to accept the Minutes by Cook; Second by Pedersen
Yes = All; Absent = Wade
  • Personnel
Motion to accept the Personnel by Abell; Second by Cook
Yes = All; Absent = Wade
  • 2015-16 calendar
Motion to accept the Calendar by Pedersen; Second by Cook
Yes = All; Absent = Wade
  • Ninth grade Earth science textbook
Motion to accept the Earth Science Book by Abell; Second by Lukas
Yes = All; Absent = Wade
  • Middle school health textbooks
Motion to accept the Health textbooks by Abell; Second by Pedersen
Yes = All; Absent = Wade
  • High school government textbook
Motion to accept the Government textbooks by Lukas; Second by Cook
Yes = All; Absent = Wade


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