Sunday, April 06, 2014

NSBA Conference: The End of Education as We Know It!

This session highlighted the paradigm shift presently underway in Kentucky's Taylor County School District that is enabling all district schools to move to a 24/7, 36-day per year, standards based educational experience.  Creative technology is used to personalize coursework and advance students based on their mental capacity rather than chronological age.  The district's mission to empower all students has resulted in zero dropouts for four consecutive years.

While I really liked this session, I'm not sure this method would work for Charles County.  Taylor County is comprised of approximately 2,600 students and Charles County has well over 26,000.  Mr. Cook (superintendent of that district) spoke on how he retains quality teachers and those not with the program move on.  The students get out of school 2 hours early every Friday in order for the teachers to have a two hour professional learning community.

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