Friday, September 05, 2008

SAT Scores

If you were to glance over the press release below, you might think we have done well. However, if you delve a little deeper...I for one am disappointed. Okay, big whooppee, we're above the state average. Hello!!! We couldn't surpass the NATIONAL AVERAGE!! And considering our location and the fact that we are one of the "wealthiest counties in the nation" I think it's down right disgusting. The number of students in the county taking the test went down. So is more of our students opting for good ole' CSM which doesn't require SAT scores? Or parents, teachers, counselors being more lax about supporting students to TRY and achieve the unthinkable? Okay, okay...the test is not mandatory, but maybe it should be. What do you think?


SAT scores above state average

Charles County Public Schools average score on the SAT, a nationally known college entrance test, is 1511, which is above the state average and the same as the national average.

Students' average score in the mathematics section of the test is 505, the average score in the writing section is 500 and the average score on the critical reading portion is 506. SAT scores decreased 12 points from 1523 the previous year. SAT tests are designed to demonstrate a student's mastery of certain subjects to colleges. Many colleges use the test as a part of the admissions process.

Charles County's score is 13 points above the state average of 1498 and the same as the national average of 1511. Only scores for graduating seniors are included in the 2008 report. Students in the class of 2008 were offered more than $27 million in scholarships.

Maurice J. McDonough High School was the highest performing school with a score of 1613. La Plata High School students posted an average score of 1602 and Thomas Stone High School students posted a 1495 average. Westlake High School students' average score is 1483 and Henry E. Lackey High School students averaged 1427.

Charles County Public Schools provides all high school students access to the on-line SAT preparation, which can be used as a classroom teaching aid, a component of English and math courses, a test-preparation resource or an independent study tool. School staff will help students set up an account and profile this school year. Students may access the program from home after they have created their profile. The school system also offers other in-school preparation programs, summer and after-school preparation programs and in-class preparation by teachers.

A chart of SAT results for Charles County Public Schools 2007-2008 college-bound seniors

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