Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Financial Resources for College

Financial resources are available to help pay the costs of a college or university education, but too many area students are missing out. To encourage more students to seek and obtain financial support for higher education, Universal Sports and Academics is hosting an "Understanding the Financial Aid Process" workshop from 6 to 8 p.m. on Sep 26 at Unique Sports Academy, 109D Post Office Road, Waldorf, MD 20602.

Financial aid can be the only key that opens the door to higher education for deserving students, so efforts to help education parents and students about financial aid resources are essential. This support provides students with access to higher education, which ultimately helps them achieve career goals as well.

Both students and parents are encouraged to attend the workshops. The workshops are $15 per family. For more information about the Sep 26 workshop in Waldorf, please contact Kevin Wagner at (301) 609-0756 or by email at

Other workshops that are currently planned:

"Scholarships 101: Where to Find the Money You Need" – Oct 10

"Athletes and Recruiting: How Do I Get Started" – Oct 24


Anonymous said...

Check out this link:

It's very, very sad that our tax dollars are spent at these atrocious high schools, allowing them to have these BS classes making the students think that they are accomplishing something.

Talk to CSM. The numbers are incredibly high; students coming from Charles County Schools and failing remedial math and English.

Where is the leadership from our schools? Administration?

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem in Charles County High Schools is administration and bureaucracy. The majority of teachers in our system are motivated individuals who want to help kids succeed. Far too often mandates from administrators (school based or BOE level) interfere with teaching. Ridiculous mandates, a mountain of unnecessary paperwork, and lack of support make even the best teachers give up and become 7.5 hour day people. If the CCPS truly wants to improve education, it will have a whole sale restructuring or removal of the current administrators and replace them with dedicated teachers, not people who got into education just to become a vice-principal.

Jennifer said...

Anonyymous #1,
I would LOVE to have some hard statistics from CSM on these points. Unfortunately, i don't, and I have tried. Do you have any connections over there?

Anonymous said...

Talk to Mrs. Donnelly that teachers remedial English and ask what the pass rate is of Charles County students.
This is a direct reflection of the English program in our high schools.