Sunday, September 21, 2008

Open Thread Sunday!

"Open Thread" is a place for you to tell me what you would like to see on this site. What can I do to make it more user-friendly, topics you would like to see discussed in the future, questions or concerns. If I missed your questions on another thread, please direct me to them here.

So here you go, give me your feedback.


Polly said...

These are excellent discussion. It would be GREAT to see college matriculation data on all of the public schools. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Can you give me more details as to the specific information your looking for and I will try to retrieve it for you? For example...How many go to college? Four year universities? how many years of data? Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

I know that question has already been asked, but the data has not yet been provided.
Schools should release the data of how many graduating seniors, from which high schools, go to four-year universities, community colleges, or do not continue their academic education. The numbers in those three particular categories would give parents a better insight into the academic worthiness of each particular school.

How about those AP scores for this year?

Jennifer said...

Asked about these statistics during the board meeting and staff is suppose to be compiling for me. Will forward as soon as I receive.