Monday, October 22, 2007

Teacher Salaries

MSDE Released their Annual Report on Professional Salary Schedules in Maryland Public Schools last week.

Another disappointment...Charles County starting teacher salary has slipped from 3rd in the state to 5th in the state.

  1. Montgomery = $44,200
  2. Prince George's = $43,481
  3. Calvert = $42,650
  4. Howard = $42,407
  5. Charles = $42,245

Charles County ranks 3rd for Superintendent salaries

  1. Baltimore County = $278,520
  2. Prince George's= $273,000
  3. Charles = $249,900

Charles County ranks 3rd for Deputy Superintendent

  1. Howard = $193,856
  2. Montgomery = $192,895
  3. Charles = $188,320

Charles County ranks 1st in the state Assistant Area Superintendent Salaries

  1. Charles = $173,340
  2. Prince George's = $167,222
  3. Montgomery = $154,879

Charles County ranks 9th for Principal salaries and 11th for Vice Principals.

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Anonymous said...

Charles County's bottom heavy salary structure hurts greatly with regard to teacher retention. It's great for attracting teachers, but after a short time, teachers can make much more money teaching elsewhere. It's a bargain for competing school systems because they get teachers with some experience at a bargain basement price relative to their own salary scale.

Jennifer Abell said...

Please look at page 6, Table 3 of the report. Charles has consolidated a number of their steps in order for teachers to reach top salary at an accelerated pace. However, once you reach top pay it looks as though Charles drops to 17th in the state. Am I reading that right? Ouch :(

Anonymous said...

Why should we pay these administrators anything until they come clean on all the standardized testing, including all the AP scores by subject and school?

A private company certainly wouldn't justify increasing a manager's money until the performance appraisal was complete and reviewed.

Jennifer, these people are living in fantasy land. Let's wake them up with a resolution to demand the AP scores by school and subject, then start asking as to why these scores are so damned low?

I'm not bluffing. I know too many honest teachers (nature of the animal) that will not cover up for themselves and will admit just how low these scores are.

It's the administrators that are covering up. Why not write a follow up, mentioning the ludicrous hiding of AND deceitful tactic of "ask" and "we won't tell" behavior and flaw within their moral fiber?

This is when what happens when the "fish rots from the inside out".