Thursday, October 18, 2007

Student Suspensions, Expulsions Soar

According to an article in the Baltimore Sun yesterday, school suspensions and expulsions have risen significantly in Maryland, with African-Americans, boys and special education students more likely to be disciplined...

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Anonymous said...

Of course they soar.
But yet the local system doesn't report the violent incidents that occur in school.

Why not allow parents their right to observe the classes and the hallways at anytime?

Why isn't Richmond taken to task over this policy by the school board?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, why isn't Richmond taken to task on most anything? The school board plays sheep to his shepherd. Does the school board realize that he works for them? I have read of several instances where the board has requested info that the system never followed up on or supplied. In the real world, that would not be acceptable in any business. Perhaps, the school board should keep all this in mind before they rubber stamp renew his contract in 2009 or 10 or whenever. Maybe it's time for a change.