Monday, August 27, 2007

HSA Results Put Some Students in A Bind

What a great way to start off a new high school year. You've got your schedule all worked out- your supplies purchased - and you are looking forward to some new electives. Then, only AFTER school starts - do you receive your scores on the HSA tests you took last May! If you fall even a point shy of the cut score - now you must rearrange your entire high school schedule to accommodate a remedial course for an HSA test related to a course you already passed! In addition - you don't get the graded test back, so you have no idea what you missed or whether you are the victim of a scoring error (a common occurrence in the private testing industry).

Unfortunately this major disruption in life is occurring to numerous students across the state. Where can they turn? Who is responsible? Maryland State Department of Education

A recent article in the Calvert Recorder by Jaqueline Rabe points out the excruciating scoring delays associated with the HSA program. Read it HERE.

Have you marked your calendar to voice your concerns about the HSA? Check this link for dates and locations

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