Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Grasmick Proposes Alternative to Standardized Tests

According to Capitol Online, State School Superintendent Nancy Grasmick has proposed a plan that would allow students to get their diplomas without passing state-mandated standardized tests.

The State Board of Education will vote in October on the plan. Grasmick says it would apply to children who meet all other requirements for graduation but can't pass the High School Assessment exams in one or more subjects because of test-taking anxiety or other factors.

Passing scores on the HSAs will be required starting with the class of 2009.

Education officials believe the alternative to the test will essentially prevent the state from denying diplomas to students who would have graduated otherwise.

Read more about Grasmick's proposed plan in this Washington Post article.

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Anonymous said...


Standardized testing is always good, as it allows us to compare ourselves to other counties in Maryland, as well as other school jurisdictions in the country(depending on the test).
That's why it's very important to compare AP scores, subjects, and the schools with other schools and counties to see where weak points lie. It's important to see if we are doing a service to the students and the parents. What are the statistics of the AP scores compared to counties like Frederick, Montgomery, Carroll county, and so on...?

If we aren't close to those counties, we need to rethink how we are teaching the classes, who is in the classes, and should we begin to rotate the teachers teaching these AP classes?