Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Class of 2009 meeting demands of High School Assessments


Charles County Public Schools High School Assessment (HSA) results show that more than 80 percent of the class of 2009 passed the algebra and government tests required for graduation and more than 70 percent completed biology and English II requirements.

Students who have not passed the tests, which are a graduation requirement for students in this year's junior class and beyond, are being offered additional classes, support and program adjustments to help move them toward graduation.

Results for last year's sophomore class show that 77 percent, or 1,413 students have met HSA requirements for graduation. There are 73 students, or 3.9 percent, who need to pass one additional exam to meet the requirement and 322 students, or 17.6 percent, who have more than one exam to pass. The end of grade 10 pass rate for algebra is 81.35 percent; 76.02 percent for biology; 73.21 percent for English II; and 86.59 percent for government.

End of grade 9 pass rates are 78.67 percent for algebra and 72.57 percent for government. Not all students take the exams in ninth grade and biology and English II are classes typically taken in the sophomore year.

"We know from these results that the vast majority of Maryland students are finding that they can pass these assessments and will be well on their way to graduation in 2009," said State Superintendent Nancy Grasmick in a release announcing state test results.

Superintendent James E. Richmond was equally optimistic. "As we begin to focus on students who must take these exams to earn their high school diploma, we are seeing higher success rates. The majority of our students have already met the graduation requirements and we are offering remediation and additional help for those students struggling with the exams. The accountability measures are raising achievement levels for all students," he said.

High School Assessments are a requirement for the Maryland High School Diploma for the class of 2009. The HSA replaced the Maryland Functional Tests, a group of basic skills exams, as the exit exams required for graduation. High School Assessments include algebra, English II, government and biology. The algebra and English II scores are also used as part of the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) and to determine Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) at the high school level. The state plans to release AYP results on the state report card site,, later this fall.

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