Thursday, January 04, 2007

REMINDER - Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 9

Just wanted to remind everyone there is a Board Meeting Tuesday, January 9th at 1:00 pm. Come out and show your support for the new Board members! To see the full agenda please visit A few highlights include:

  1. Curriculum Update - Instructional Technology- Overview of instructional technologies and digital resources available for teaching and learning. Click here view the full report
  2. Policy Amendments - The Board can consider changes to its policies concerning adoption and maintenance of Board meeting minutes. Click here view the suggested changes
  3. Election of Board Chairman and Vice Chairman
  4. Presentation of Superintendent's Porposed Operating Budget for FY 2008


Heather Brooks said...

It sure would be nice to watch it on the tv :)

Or record it on the DVR and watch it when I have time.

Jennifer Abell said...

Hopefully in the near future

LegalBeaglette said...

Re: the Policy Amendments proposed by Mr. Schwartz. I’m curious why he is proposing these rather cursory changes, and not relying at all on the proposals Mrs. Young made with regard to these same policy sections the end of last year.

As you know, she had concerns about the Board’s compliance with the Open Meetings Act, and in comparing the two sets of proposals, I think she did a much better job of explaining and drafting changes that protected the public interest, using the school system’s available resources, than Mr. Schwartz has.

I do hope the current Board is going to review both sets of proposals – during the election, many of them assured us that they supported more “transparent” Board function. I fear their collective lack of experience will cause them to readily agree to Mr. Schwartz’s proposals without making an effort to become fully familiar with 1) the concerns raised by Mrs. Young 2) the Open Meetings Act or 3) the findings of the Compliance Board with regard to Mrs. Young’s concerns. This entire issue warrants their public discussion, as the decisions regarding it directly affect us, the “public.”

With regard to the “complaint” filed by Mrs. Young – what is the timeline on that procedure? Has the Board received a copy of the Complaint? Has it responded? When will the Compliance Board render its Opinion? How will the public be made aware of it?

Jennifer Abell said...

I will be including Ms. Young's recommendations to policy revision tomorrow during the discussion. However, I am only one vote that will require a second.
As for the Open Meetings Compliance Complaint filed by Ms. Young I am uncertain about how much is public information. Personally I think it all should be, but I need to verfiy before I get all type happy. Should have an answer by Wednesday.

Jennifer Abell said...

3291asiber - the Open Meetings Compliance Complaint was not discussed in open session. However, the public should contact Ms. O'Malley-Simpson at the Board of Education for any requests.