Friday, January 05, 2007

Building Schools in Phases

This is a very interesting article I found in the October 2006 of the American School Board Journal.

The article details a very cost management solution to relieve overcrowding in schools. For example, building a school with the essentials (cafeteria, gym, etc.) and the first wing to accomodate the first incoming class, say we are talking about middle school so it would be the 6th grade wing. As the 6th grade is attending school, the 7th grade wing/section is being built to open the following year, etc. Thus the phase in process.

I wonder if this would work in Charles County?

Whether the goal is to renovate and expand existing schools or to build new ones. multi-phasing (also known as creating educational facilites in stages) is one solution. Careful planning and segment-based construction can address space issues in a timely manner even when all the money esn't available.

The article also has a few other good ideas. Check it out at


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, in reference to the article! Why would this not work for Charles County? I'm sure someone can think of a reason for it "not to work" rather than to say "it can happen and it will!" Where are the risk takers? Yes, it's a lot of money but sitting around debating it forever is not working either. It's better than doing nothing! Another thought is, certain counties in other states have their own taxes, in addition to the state sales tax, so they can make decisions toward economic gain in their area. ie: public schools and local roads. Is Charles County open to the idea of implementing a County sales tax for the purpose of school funding? MD has a 5% tax rate, which is virtually low compared to other why not consider that as an option! It would be a way to create money for a well needed cause! A half percent to a whole percent would work wonders for the area, especially with a non-stop growing population!Just thinking out loud....

Jennifer Abell said...

Thanks for your input. I probably wouldn't be for a county sales tax, but I haven't done any research on it either. I would need to research and look at some statistics in other counties where this has been implemented. Hopefully with the new board up and running now, this is an issue (alternative funding) that we can delve into and toss around some of these ideas on a more serious note as opposed to just lip service :)