Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Countdown to July 1 for New Rules in School Construction

The General Assembly passed landmark legislation in school construction this year, which included many reforms counties have sought for years. With the law going into effect July 1, which county will be the first to make a move?
School is almost out for summer. While students are on vacation, many school systems dig in to facility updates and renovations for the coming year and review long-range plans for school construction.
The earth is shifting below those school systems, this summer, with new rules in school construction, passed by the General Assembly this year, taking effect on July 1. The 21st Century School Facilities Act makes many changes to school construction law. One of the areas of change is in the State’s rules for private-public partnerships.
Public-private partnerships in school construction have long been an area of interest of county governments. Counties struggle to ensure that school system needs are met, even as costs are increasing and the amount of available State funding is limited.
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