Wednesday, March 28, 2018

School Safety Roundtable Discussion with Congressman Hoyer, Students, Staff and Parents

This meeting was broadcast live on the CCPS Live TV.  The files are currently being uploaded and should be available for viewing at   by tomorrow morning.  Here is a link to the video.

I do apologize but I did not take copius notes, only consistent topics.  I was very interested in hearing what our students, staff and parents and had to say and was intently listening.

The first half of the morning consisted of the students roundtable with Congressman Hoyer, Superintendent Kim Hill, and Sheriff Troy Berry during the first half of the morning.  The repetitive themes were...

  • Mental Illness Training for Teachers & Awareness
  • More Counselors to actually counsel (Psychologist)
  • More School resource Officers
  • Peers, students, reaching out to one another
  • Metal Detectors (pro's & cons) - students seemed split
  • Arming teachers - again students seemed split
  • Uniforms
The secondhalf of the morning consisted of the parents, teachers, Hoyer, Hill, Berry.  Hoyer opened by blaming society and parents for not parenting and always blaming the teachers and schools.  The repetitive themes in the discussion...
  • Lack of parental involvement
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Discipline
  • Lack of walls and doors
  • Security of trailers
  • Shooter Detection System
  • Securing front vestibule's (BTW-all of these have been planned and should be completed in 2 years.


John Balazek said...

Arming Teachers against Students??? You arm them against active shooters!!!

Jennifer Abell said...

I finally found what I think you are referring to and I think you miss read. A portion of the post states "Arming teachers - again students seemed split". Meaning the topic of arming teachers and the students present seemed split on whether or not they agreed with this idea.